Wembley Stadium

The Wembley stadium has the capacity to enclose 90,000 spectators, versatile events and sports take place in the Wembley stadium every once in a while. All these versatile sports need a high quality ground so all the athletes with great potential can perform their best.

To maintain the turf some requirements are needed like right amount of sunlight not too much because the turf can burn, right amount of ventilation and not too much due. This stadium was designed by the World Stadium Team (WST), a joint venture between world class architects Firm Fosters & Partners and the global stadium specialists HOK sport.

The arch on top of the Wembley stadium can be seen from miles across London because of its soaring height of 133 meters.The stadium is in a circular shape wrapped around with aluminium and glass. Massive screens to spectate, and one of the most distinctive feature was the roaring sound of the spectators.


  • Steel in arch weighs 1,929 tons as much as 275 double-Decker buses
  • Construction of the stadium has included 275 miles of mains electrical cabling.
  • The stadium houses the four largest restaurants in London and 98 kitchens.

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